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When we talk about archive and documents the more constant issues are the excessive space dedicated to the conservation of the document and to the difficulty of availability and re-utilization of them.

A software system of documental archive resolves these difficulties and it allows an optimized use of the archive information.

Through this solution is possible to manage in a simple and rapid way the paper document buying them through scanner saving them on CLOUD, categorizing them neatly, spreading them and sharing them through the accredited users.

The main advantages are:

- Speed and simplicity of documents digitalization
- Availability of information and search speed
- Ordinated and methodical storage
- saving on cloud with backup of security
- elimination of bulky physical archive
- unlimited space on cloud

To sum up the document filling, through a simple and immediate document acquisition process, permits to memorize, archive, preserve and consult all the related documents to its own activity, they are originally paper or digital.

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