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The business 4.0

The business model 4.0 was born in German according to the necessity to give a new impulse to the companies focus on the efficiency, the control and the quality of the production using new digital technologies on Internet. The underlying philosophy is that of the Internet of things that it corresponds to the communication and sharing data on internet through intelligent device. Every instrumental asset is becoming an intelligent device that it is able to communicate, to share information and data both by other devices and by human. Everything involve the possibility of a management and control of all business processes in a remote and centralized mode based on a marked improvement of the efficiency with a corresponding diminution of costs and a growing of the quality and of the gains. The efficiency company in a touch.

Founding elements

The company 4.0 is based on the new technologies of the net that imply a better communication, on the development of electronic device of reductive size, intelligent, flexible, customizable and scalable that they are able to communicate and to interact, from the new capabilities of storage and on big masses of data, from the possibility to provide services in cloud with cost more content and from the new mode of interact with the circumstance environment through the increment reality. The digital integration via software build up a new way to interact between human and the machines and it allows to have the data where they need it and to extrapolate the information that effectively need in order to management better its own company.

Advantages for the business

The advantages for a business are amount and they can be summarizing in these following points:
• Personalization push of the product (marketing one-to-one)
• Centralize Management and closely controlled in real time on more indicators not only financial.
• Improvement of the efficiency in business (lean 4.0)
• Lower global costs both fix and variable and of the production
• More competitiveness on business

Opportunities for the business

The opportunities of the business of the innovation business 4.0 born from the actual necessity of the business to make innovation for creating the necessary conditions in order to develop and consolidate in a global market in a continuous mutation.
The market requires more and more innovative products, personalized, with a high quality with a low cost. In front of a global market where countries with low cost of production build up the conditions for an unequal competition, the challenge is that of producing high quality at low cost, the new applied technologies allow it.
The necessity of the innovation has pushed the State to promote it with a huge funding effort to the business, this meant that as soon as possible it turned out to be theoretical and a fairy-tale become something concrete that business has to face up with. Never has in those months the interest for the business 4.0 is spread out in the entrepreneur and in the association of category. In front of this interest who manage to propose concrete solution that give a quantification of the development of management, of efficiency and of the reduction of the production costs will manage to take a piece of market.

Application in the business

The application in the business are many and they are not focused on the production but on the entire value with reflections also on the support function. We can summarize that the more concrete and actual application are the following:
• Digital Integration and centralize control of the entire line of production
• Automation of the warehouse more or less thrust
• Integration among searching and development and production or entry in line of new products and/or developing in real time
• Or supply chain integrated with the consumption of the line of production (Kan Ban digital)
• Or remote control of the entire line of production with the possibility of intervention
• Or thorough automation of warehouses and of their management.
• Or feedback of the sale product and remote support
• Or management and centralize control of all the business function
• Or facilitation to the externalization of the services and its relative control…

Business target

Besides to the big business even the PMI are interested of this new business model and not only in the manufacturing sector but also in the tertiary (services). Where the business produces and offers a product or a final service the model business 4.0 allows improving its position in the market and to get over the difficulty created by a global market. Where the business realizes subcontracting they necessarily have to align to the digital system introduced by their clients.

Professional figures involved

The introduction of the business model 4.0 and its application require these following professional figures:
• consultant of organization and management
• consultant of process and lean manufacturing
• Integration software in cloud (Internet of things Internet of the factory)
• Analysers of big data (big quantity of data)
• Financial consultant for the access to the facilitated credit and not.
• Consular for the outsourcing (externalization of the services)
• Consular marketing orientated to the analysis of the client needs in the referent market.

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