Cloud shift Management

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Cloud shift Management

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The system is studied in a particular way for the association of first level with an important number of operative partners to manage or structures with analogous needs of organization of the turns.

The associate…
…Through username and password provided, he accesses to his own private area and enters his availability and unavailability to cover shifts in determinate period.

The round manager…
…They access to the management area and they compile the list of the monthly turns: the program will elaborate them, keeping in consideration the rules, the availability and the unavailability of all members during the interest period.

The result…
…will be the list of processed shifts, made available directly on site in PDF files

The system offers the possibility of:

- simplify the procedures for the creation of monthly operational shifts
- speed up organizational and logistic activities
- minimize errors in the compilation of availability
- reach the system 24 hours a day thanks to web-oriented implementation
- browse from any support connected to the internet

if this is not enough, the system is customizable according to every single one of yours, precise needs!
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