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Interventions and maintenance
always under control

Cloud Service

Interventions and manageable plants where and when you want

For supply and clients.
The platform provides different access level modulated and personalized them according to the different needs and it allows to manage in a precise, ordinated and safe way all that deal with the device in, the intervention and the documentation related.

In the specific it offers the possibility to manage:
The documentation:

related to equipment and systems in total safety.


to carry out and to consult the history form the past one

the state:

in real time of the equipment allowing the evaluation of eventual interventions.

log into:

to the cloud 24 hours a day, through tablet provided ready to use.

different types of intervention:

start-up, survey of the plant without a dedicated intervention, etc...

A spread platform ON CLOUD
personalized capable to integrated even with the management using by your company

The platform supports the technical assistant field in the management of the ordinary, extraordinary maintenance and interventions of assistant on call or of monitoring of the installations.

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  • Cloud Service

The platform ON CLOUD allow to the technics to access to the information in mobility through tablet furnish ready to use, while the headquarter manage the data online in plenty of security thanks to a cryptograph system of the information and automatic backup.

Access to information is managed according to a customizable and modular user hierarchy based on different needs.

Compared to a conventional management of the interventions, this platform allows the management of the information related to the equipment of the different systems, organizing them in a precise and useful way, facilitating their storage and future research for the user. Not only will the technical and safety documents of the plants be managed, but also the administrative documents, the list of interventions carried out and the schedule of those scheduled for ordinary maintenance. This tool, also through the insertion of images, provides in real time the status of the system suggesting any optimization and updating interventions.

Different types of intervention are managed in a single instrument: the start-up of a new plant, the census in the registry possible also at the same time as a maintenance intervention that can be ordinary and scheduled by schedule or extraordinary on requests for failure.

A spread platform on cloud that guarantee security and availabilitỳ of the information.

Cloud Service

The office

Receives the call to schedule a participation by the final client, by the technician or automatically detected by the system.

Cloud Service


Of intervention are inserted in the app and they are send to the cloud where they are archived for a future, comfortable and organize manage.

Cloud Service

The operator

receives all the necessary details to perform the maintenance operation directly on his device through which he can access the technical specifications of the plant, the history of the interventions carried out on it and many other useful information.
Still using the tablet provided, the technician will be able to close the received report after the intervention.

Cloud Service

The office

receives the documentation produced, also sent to the client, therefore he can verify what has been carried out by the technicians and proceed with the final administrative operations such as estimates and invoices.

Cloud Service

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