General accounting

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General accounting

General accounting is the classic program for keeping a business account. It is conceived according to Swiss laws and customs and it adapts exactly to every companies, whether they are commercial, industrial or service companies.

It works on every personal computers both they are single and on the network. The instructions for the use are "on line", they appear on the screen, on request with the simple press of the "F1" key.

Main functions

  • Multi-company management.
  • Flexible accounting plan (ex. Kaefer, J.P. Leu etc.) with the possibility of subtotals up to 6 levels. Numeric alpha code. No limitation in the number of accounts. In the multi-company management, it is possible to copy a chart of accounts that it is already introduced for a previous company.
  • Management of accounting movements with the possibility of ventilation (to different). Dynamic search on-screen of both an unknown account number and a previously entered registration.
  • Printing and / or views of the accounting records with every possibility of correction and elimination.
  • Automatic withdrawal of accounting records from invoicing, customers / suppliers / wages and other external accounting operations.
  • Printing and / or visualization of accounting records, both detailed and synthetic, single or for groups; even between deadlines.
  • Printing of the statement check also between deadlines.
  • Intermediate budgets; monthly, quarterly, etc. even in the aftermath
  • Printing of the closing balance sheet with gross profit and profit / loss. (according to law 663 CO of July 1992: Comparison of previous year balances).
  • Automatic printing of the opening balance sheet.
  • Automatic safety copies.
  • Possibility of simulating of a closing statement.
  • Possibility of overlapping of two accounting periods. It is not necessary to close an exercise in order to start the next one.
  • Different quarterly (and monthly) VAT.


General accounting with foreign currencies

As above with the possibility of:

  • Management of the exchange rate table.
  • Automatic calculation of profit / loss on the exchange rate.
  • Possibility of printing account statements in the balance sheet currency or in a foreign currency.
  • Possibility of introduction of the exchange rate or the equivalent value.
  • N.B. The budget currency does not have to be the Swiss franc.

Cost Center Management

This program allows you to associate at each accounting entry a code called Cost Center different from the account number and the counterpart.

Then it is therefore possible to extract only the movements that are part of a specific code. So, the obtained printing extracts all the accounting records (only the costs and the revenues that they are summarized on behalf) of a cost center, thus giving the possibility to highlight a financial situation that it would not be possible only with the traditional accounting.

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