Order management

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Order management

The order management procedure includes all the administrative functions that they start from the order to the supplier to the collection by the customer. It provides the automatic coupling between the order to the supplier and the order to the customer; it checks the partial arrivals of the goods as well as the sales to the customer that they are spread over time. Invoices and payments, both incoming and outgoing, they automatically go into accounting.

General functions

  • Insertion, mutation, elimination of the order both of the supplier and the customer.
  • Statistics for: the customer, the date, the supplier and the article.
  • Print order confirmation both to the customer and to the supplier.
  • Order billing transfer with an update of the order data.
  • Print delivery note or immediate invoice.

Suppliers - Main functions

  • Identify data management of the supplier
  • Supplier order registration.
  • Management of ordered, arrived, delivered goods.
  • Control and management of the invoices and payments to the supplier.

Clients - Main functions

  • Customer identifying management.
  • Customer order registration.
  • Order management: ordered, delivered, invoiced, residuals goods
  • Print invoices with the possibility of coupling to the general accounting.
  • Automatic management of payments and recalls.
  • Sales statistics for the client.

Warehouse - Main functions

  • Items and stock management.
  • Automatic and manual loading and unloading.
  • Print inventory and price list.
  • History of sold for item.
  • Various statistics.

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