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We occupy of web in all its aspects.

We start from the study of design for showcase internet sites, in order to give visibility to your business, for other more articulated as real catalogues products online, or even dynamic and interactive web sites structured in the way in which the client itself without any technical competence is able to update and to keep in time one or more areas in an autonomous way.

In a constantly develop on the technics development of web development for realizing good products, but even and moreover functional and optimized for the web and compatible with the visualization from the different device as smartphone and tablet.
Always in the technical plan we occupy for the optimization for the search engine, the famous SEO (from English Search Engine Optimization), a series of activities which the main aim is the rise of the visibility of the internet site and to increase or at least to keep its position among the result of the search pages.

In the vastest of the world web, moreover with the spread of smartphone and tablet, so the connection to the internet from portable device, it’s arrived a cloud to help us, the CLOUD. Inside of this space, that it can be personal or shared, we can archive documents, downloading files on which we are working on and access to them everywhere we are and independently from which device we use, but even working through application and so services entirely spread on cloud.

The daily access to the cloud, to the personal level allow to archive its own file in a safe space protected and with the possibility to have restore backup, the data will be saved even in case of broke, loss or not good function of the device that we use and that are available everywhere. ? Instead to the professional level it allows to more people to work on a share platform, contemporary and everywhere you are, with the possibility to see in a real time the download of the data and the state of the work. To sum up, the CLOUD has eliminated the distance as limit for the sharing of information and work.

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