Management in Cloud

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Management in Cloud

The software simplifies and speed up the rescue and the finding of documents thanks to the automatic repository of file from scans and even automatic saving from mail.

Document management and much more...

  • Acustomer / supplier registry
  • Sales invoices
  • Purchase invoices
  • Timetable
  • Credit notes
  • F24
  • Banks
  • First note
  • Personnel Management
  • Refunds
  • Vehicle management and related documentation
  • Product purchase / sale management and related documentation

...with multiple features

  • digital storage
  • document management
  • multi-channel shipping
  • workflow and business process management
  • digital signature and graph metric signature
  • electronic invoicing
  • substitutive conservation according to the law
Service in Cloud

it allows the integrated management of information derives from different offices spread out on the territory

It allows the management of the data in mobility

Storage and saving of the documents quickly, safe and ordinated

Articulated and modulated, , adapted to the management of different influx of business data

It allows the management in outsourcing of the operations of data-entry and acquisition of paper document

Flexible in the point of being personalized and adapted according to the specific needs of the client

An easy, fast,
complete management
and tailored for you

The management that arrives where you need, one complete and modulated solution

This software is an innovative system of documental management think for help to resolve all the problems related to the storage of data and documents of different nature. Thanks to this solution you can overcome the traditional physical barriers and to keep available certain information in the way and in the place desire…in a click.

The solution guarantees:

  • Management in Cloud
  • Management in Cloud
  • Management in Cloud
  • Management in Cloud
  • Management in Cloud
  • Management in Cloud
  • Management in Cloud

Reduction of costs

Complete dematerialization of document flows.

Optimum organization of information and distribution processes.

Unlimited document accessibility in total security.

Traceability and availability of documents.

Use via internet / intranet.

Simplification in document classification, search, sharing and distribution.

Through the documental management now you can create a documental process business shared, capable to storing and tracking all information in real time starting from paper or digital document, grouping them and organizing them according to logical and reusable criteria. Make 100 % all the information that you own!

The discovery of a solution consists of
looking at the problem as everybody does
...and to think something different.

Management in Cloud

A quickly and immediate process for an optimal management of documents and information

acquisition of paper documents through scanner or automatic repository of digital files

Service in Cloud

Rescue on CLOUD allowing the fruition of diffused and shared documents, independently of where the user is or the device you use

Restitution and finding of information in a immediate way, optimal for being employed in the different business fluxes, from the accounting administrative area to the management of the staff, schedule, vehicle management and much more...
...until arriving to solutions realized ad hoc

Management in Cloud
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