Remote Support

In order to carry out the intervention of assistance requested by you, it is necessary that we act directly on your PC. In order to do this operation, we use a software tool that allows us to act in a secure mode, with its authorization, directly on his PC in remote mode.

Once the software is activated you will see that we are going to operate on your PC; all the activities that we will execute, they will be evident and it will be possible for you, in the case, to block the activity itself at any time. No information on the activity performed will be recorded; during the execution of the operations connected with the requested assistance intervention it will be possible for the operator to view: of the desktop, the name of the folders on it, the file name or folder names present in the selected paths, of the eventually e-mail (if the context refers to e-mail environments) to be able to act and satisfy the intervention needs expressed by you. All the operations that will be carried out will be aimed at solving the problematic subject of the intervention.

The software that we invite you to download is called TeamViewer, the component that we must use on your computer is downloaded free from this link:



Smartphone / Tablet

I-Phone / I-Pad

operative system

operative system

Once that the component is started, it will appear on the screen a reporting window, between the other things an identity ID and a password. We ask you to communicate this information in order to start the activity.

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