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It’s a system for the administrative management of the project that it is studied explicitly in order to keep under control every construction phase both of the and in the civil genius.

It includes all the different function that they go from the general specifications to the direction of works, till the total liquidation.

It is conceived in the respect of the most modern computation techniques requested by CBR, VSS, SIA it permits to automatically detect some executively plan CAD every single constructive element calculating the quantity and the cost, form these data it extracts the estimate of maximum and detail according to the element technique, from the latter it extrapolates the CPN offer model and finally it transfers everything to the works management section in order to keep under control of the work progress, the accounts and the final liquidation.


For the compilation and printing of estimates with the CCE catalog (Cost Code according to Elements)

Main functions

  • Filling in the quote for macro elements.
  • Completion of the estimate for chapters of Elements.
  • Completing the quote for Elements.
  • Generation of CCE estimates from CAD.


For the compilation and the print of offer forms and estimated with the CPN catalogue (catalogue of the normalized positions)

Main functions

  • Management of CCC estimates (construction cost code)
  • CCC prints
  • Generation offer model CPN and CCE
  • Business agreement
  • Manage of the offer schedules and CPN estimates
  • Modify costs per percent
  • Data exchange with in SIA 451 standard


  • Printing offer model and CPN quotes
  • Print quotes for total only
  • Print comparison of offers in details and for totals
  • Determination and printing agreement conditions

Work Direction

In order to keep under control, the work progress the manage of the accounts and the final liquidation.

Main function

  • Agreement commitment
  • Work progress
  • Deposit payment and settlement
  • Statistic work direction also for Alp transit

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