Pay and Salaries

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Pay and Salaries

In a society, the management of wages, is always a very delicate problem, both in the security information and for the necessity of a continuous updating of its own staff. It is often very difficult to keep up-to-date with the fast changing of laws, regulations and customs in terms of staff administration.

Delegating this burden to our program means getting rid of most of these problems, besides having the certainty of being constantly updated.

This program is not only an accounting support for the management of your staff but it is a complete business information tool. Ergonomics and simplicity of use (Help on line) make this program a pleasant work tool.

SUVA experts have certified the good functioning of this program.

Main functions

  • Possibility to manage salaries of different companies.
  • Simultaneous management of wages that are submit to different rules.
  • Possibility to perform (or re-execute) the salary of only a single employee; retreating even several months.
  • Complete parameterization of rates and deductions.
  • Automatic management of the charts imposed to the source.
  • Monthly storage of all salary calculation elements for each individual employee (historical).
  • Monthly, quarterlies, annual lists for every type of internal company need or for public and / or insurance offices (AVS, AD, SUVA, I.F., Pension Fund, Salary Certificate, etc.).
  • Constant updating as the laws and / or regulations change.
  • Transfer of the cost of wages to the various accounts of the company accounting (yards accounts, cost centers, etc.).
  • Monthly and annual summary of the various salary components.
  • Print of the salary certificate on the official schedule of the Confederation.

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